Learning household vocabulary in Spanish can be incredibly useful, especially for beginners who want to start practicing the language in a familiar context. This article will cover essential household items and rooms, providing examples and tips to help you remember and use these words in your daily life.

Rooms in the House (Las habitaciones de la casa)

 1. Living Room (La sala)

- Sofá (Sofa).

  Example: "El sofá en la sala es muy cómodo." (The sofa in the living room is very comfortable).

- Mesa de centro (Coffee table).

  Example: "Puse los libros en la mesa de centro." (I placed the books on the coffee table).

- Televisor (Television).

  Example: "Vemos películas en el televisor todas las noches." (We watch movies on the television every night).

- Alfombra (Rug).

 Example: "Esta es una alfombra azul" (This is a blue rug).

 2. Kitchen (La cocina)

- Refrigerador (Refrigerator).

  Example: "El refrigerador está lleno de comida." (The refrigerator is full of food).

- Estufa (Stove).

  Example: "Cocino la cena en la estufa." (I cook dinner on the stove).

- Fregadero/lavaplatos (Sink).

  Example: "Lavo los platos en el fregadero/lavaplatos." (I wash the dishes in the sink).

 3. Bedroom (El dormitorio)

- Cama (Bed).

  Example: "La cama es muy grande y cómoda." (The bed is very large and comfortable).

- Armario (Closet).

  Example: "La ropa está guardada en el armario." (The clothes are stored in the closet).

- Mesita de noche (Nightstand).

 Example: "Tengo un libro en la mesita de noche." (I have a book on the nightstand).

 4. Bathroom (El baño)

- Lavabo (Sink).

  Example: "Me lavo las manos en el lavabo." (I wash my hands in the sink).

- Inodoro (Toilet).

  Example: "El inodoro está al lado de la ducha." (The toilet is next to the shower).

- Ducha (Shower).

  Example: "Me ducho todas las mañanas." (I shower every morning).

 Household Items (Los artículos del hogar)

 1. Furniture (Los muebles)

- Silla (Chair).

  Example: "Hay una silla en cada esquina del comedor." (There is a chair in each corner of the dining room).

- Mesa (Table).

  Example: "La mesa del comedor es de madera." (The dining table is made of wood).

- Estante (Shelf).

  Example: "Los libros están en el estante" (The books are on the shelf).

 2. Appliances (Los electrodomésticos)

- Lavadora (Washing machine).

  Example: "Pongo la ropa en la lavadora." (I put the clothes in the washing machine).

- Secadora (Dryer).

  Example: "La secadora está en el lavadero." (The dryer is in the laundry room).

- Microondas (Microwave).

  Example: "Caliento la comida en el microondas." (I heat the food in the microwave).

 3. Cleaning Supplies (Los artículos de limpieza)

- Escoba (Broom).

  Example: "Barrí el piso con la escoba." (I swept the floor with the broom).

- Aspiradora (Vacuum cleaner).

  Example: "Uso la aspiradora para limpiar la alfombra." (I use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet).

- Detergente (Detergent).

  Example: "El detergente está en el armario del lavadero." (The detergent is in the laundry room cabinet).

 Tips for Learning Household Vocabulary

1. Label Your Home: Place labels on various items around your house with their Spanish names. This constant exposure helps reinforce your memory.

2. Use Flashcards: Create flashcards with pictures of household items on one side and their Spanish names on the other.

3. Practice Daily: Try to use the new vocabulary in sentences or while doing household chores.

4. Watch Spanish Content: Watch Spanish videos or TV shows set in homes to see and hear the vocabulary in context.

By incorporating these words into your daily routine, you'll become more comfortable and familiar with Spanish household vocabulary.